Comfort Services

Personalized service to allow you to work or relax during your flight with tap|executive


TAP has created a range of services that meet the highest expectations of its passengers. Enjoy maximum comfort during your flight.

Perfect rest

The Recaro Lie-flat seats on the A330 can be transformed into real beds, with anti-allergy pillows that are twice the size of the previous ones and covered with a soft-touch material, specially-designed for TAP. And, in all long-haul flights, your rest is now enhanced with new large and soft quilts that replace the traditional “polar” blankets.

There are also new, improved head-rests for your greater comfort onboard.

New electronic noise-reduction headphones with cutting edge technology make the journey with TAP even more comfortable.

Passengers also have access to a new range of amenity-kits, which focus more on passenger preference and give even greater well-being for those flying tap|executive.

Caixa Paula Rego

Comfort is in details

On medium and long-haul flights, meals are now served on new tablecloths, napkins, trolley towels and tray naperons with the elegance and quality that are traditional to Portuguese textiles, recreating onboard the sophisticated mood and comfort of the finest restaurants.

Our Seats 

  Distance between seats Seat width Seat Recline Setting
A340 54” (137 cm)  20” (51 cm) 180o 2 x 2 x 2
A330 60” (152 cm) 20” (51 cm) 180o 2 x 2 x 2

Environmental concerns

Within the scope of TAP's Act Eco initiatives, which have enabled a reduction of 60,000 tonnes in annual CO2 emissions, TAP's Environmental Protection Policy has been expanded to the amenity kits offered to customers flying tap|executive class.

This policy has resulted in the replacement of most synthetic materials by rigourously selected natural products and ingredients.

Bags, socks, eye blindfolds and ear protectors are now made with 100% natural ingredients or created using recycled materials; toiletry/cosmetic products contain no sulphates, parabens, phthalates or artificial colourings and are never tested on animals. More information about TAP´s susteinability policies

Find out more about other TAP Act Eco initiatives

Laptop Sockets

Your seat is equipped with sockets that provide AC 115V.

  • On the A330, the socket is located between the seats, in the lower section of the seat. 
  • On the A340 it is found below the individual reading light, in the upper part of the seat.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

The new Phitek headphones use the latest technology in soundproofing. Listen to our entertainment programme with sound quality like you've never heard before.

Satellite Phone

Certain planes from the A330 fleet are equipped with satellite telephones.

Ask a member of the cabin crew about these phones and use a credit card to call any country in the world.