Travel in tap|executive class with Plusgrade service. 

TAP developed a new interactive product to improve your comfort. 

Bid your Upgrade to tap|executive and travel with more comfort at a lower price.


Check here if your booking is eligible for an upgrade:


Applicable Routes:



How does it work?

It's very simple. 

When you purchase your ticket at TAP's website, you may bid an amount to travel tap|executive

On the booking confirmation page and the confirmation email, you will be given the chance to bid an amount to travel in tap|executive class on the flight you booked. You may do this online after booking.

If your purchase was not made on you may also be contacted by TAP by email to take advantage of this feature.

If the purchased flight is eligible you can bid up to 72 hours prior to the flight departure.

Bid an amount and if it's accepted you will be sent a confirmation email. Payment is made on the TAP website using your credit card. If the bid is not accepted, you will not be charged any extras and your original ticket will be maintained.

If you obtain your upgrade totap|executiveimmediately prior to the flight, your tap|executive boarding card will be given to you at check-in.

Bid to upgrade to tap|executive and fly with more comfort in a lower fare.


tap|executive awaits you with open arms!


See the Plusgrade Terms & Conditions (PDF, 0.2 MB, EN).