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Would you like to change your itinerary? Select your seat? Now you can, with the Manage Your Booking app.

This app allows you to:

  • View and edit your booking data (telephone number and e-mail).
  • Add your Frequent Flyer number (Victoria or Star Alliance) to your booking.
  • Change the itinerary of your booking, before or after the start of your journey (see conditions below).
  • Calculate and simulate all costs associated with changing your itinerary.
  • Pay and reissue your electronic ticket for the new itinerary.
  • Select your seat for your flight.
  • Get an upgrade to travel in Business Class.
  • Reserve special in-flight services to assist passengers with reduced mobility (ramp and wheel chair).
  • Book/buy your seating on board.
  • Book/buy access to Lounges.
  • Book/buy Fast Track access.
  • Buy extra luggage allowance.

Conditions that apply to changing the itinerary of your booking:

  • Only clients who have an electronic TAP ticket for a booking made at least 24 hours earlier are allowed to make changes.
  • Passengers with Victoria and Corporate award tickets, tickets issued by travel agencies and promotional tickets are only allowed to view their booking details.
  • Changes can only be made to flights/dates. Routes cannot be changed.
  • Only changes that cover all passengers included in the booking are authorised, and some auxiliary services cannot be changed, such as: unaccompanied minors, transport of sporting equipment, bicycles, special meals, transport of animals in the cabin or hold, medical cases and transport of weapons, hotel booking (Bom Dia Lisboa/Porto Programme), prepaid seat booking, lounge access and Fast Track.


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