All the information you need to know about baggage transportation aboard TAP flights

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Information about Baggage

Hand Baggage

Find out which hand baggage you can carry with you for free.

Checked Baggage

All information about checked baggage.

Special Baggage

Transportation of fragile or bulky baggage in the cabin or in the hold.

Forbidden Baggage

Find out which objects are not allowed on your hand baggage.

Lost & Found Baggage

Use this service to claim or trace your baggage.

Sports Equipment

The transportation of equipment is subject to availability and to the type of aircraft.

Firearms & Ammunition

If you travel with guns, please consult the conditions of carriage.

Battery Transportation

See here the restrictions for carrying rechargeable batteries or lithium content.

Baggage recommendations

Advice to keep in mind while carrying baggage.

Checked Baggage

Check whether your baggage made it onto your flight.