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Do I earn Corporate Points and Victoria Miles simultaneously?collapsed

Yes. The programmes are cumulative, although independent. In the same flight, the company earns Corporate points and the passenger earns Victoria Miles.

Can I earn points in code-share flights (operated by TAP partner airlines)?collapsed

No. Earning Corporate Points is only possible with tickets issued within the TAP 047 framework, for flights operated by TAP or Portugália.

Can I earn points with Award Tickets?collapsed

No. Award Tickets and Upgrades, obtained through Corporate and Victoria Programmes, are not consideraded valid for earning Corporate Points.

Can I claim points that haven't been credited to our account?collapsed

Yes. Please contact us at, indicating the booking references that were not credited in your company's account.

When do Corporate Points expire?collapsed

Corporate Points are valid for 24 months from the date they are earned. The expiry date for Corporate Points is calculated from the programme registration date.

Are Corporate Points immediately credited to the company's account?collapsed

Corporate Points will be credited to the Company’s account between 24 and 72 hours after the flight, based on miles actually flown.

Which tickets are valid for earning Corporate Points?collapsed

Only tickets issued by TAP within the 047 framework, operated by TAP or Portugália, are eligible for earning Corporate Points. The following are not considered valid:

  • Tickets issued outside the market to which the company belongs. In the case of a Portuguese company, only tickets issued in Portugal are valid
  • Award Tickets and Upgrades obtained through the Victoria and Corporate Programmes
  • ickets issued to charter flights or flights operated in code-share (not operated by TAP or Portugália)
  • Tickets ID/AD/TC/DG
  • Tickets with group reservations (RBD G)
  • Courtesy tickets with total or partial fare reduction

Can I earn points with flights before joining TAP Corporate Fly ?collapsed

No. Earning Corporate Points is only possible with tickets issued after the company has joined the Corporate Programme.

How can I update the Victoria cards associated with my company as a points collection method?collapsed

Online management for Victoria cards associated with your company is availabe in Company Profile — Points Collection Methods.

How do I earn Corporate Points?collapsed

After registration is complete, you will be given a company identification code — CIP code (ie: CIP123). We will calculate your company’s flights using the CIP. You must provide this every time you book a flight with TAP. This procedure applies to bookings made directly with TAP or through your travel agency. You can also subsequently provide your employee Victoria Card number. All tickets acquired and flown with TAP will be credited to your company’s account.

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