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What kind of entertainment is available on economy class?collapsed

On some of our A330 and A340 fleet and on specific flights, you will find a wide variety of audio-visual content with touchscreen technology, such as audio and video on demand, films, television and radio channels, games, music cd's and a Kids Channel. Some A330 aircraft are equipped with a digital channel system with remote control, films, TV series, documentaries and audio channels. A319, A320 and A321 aircraft are equipped with ceiling mounted screens where you can enjoy content on sport, destinations, cartoons and much more. OnAir WiFi is available in some aircrafts, so you can access the Internet on your computer, tablet or smartphone during flight. TAP has a selection of magazines and newspapers at your disposal on all flights. Including the award-winning UP Magazine, TAP's in-flight magazine.

Is there any specific entertainment for children on board?collapsed

Yes. Children aged between 4 and 11 will be given an eco-friendly Flip&Flap tin containing:

  • Coloured pencils and sharpener
  • An eye mask
  • Games and a soft rattle (for children aged between 0 and 3)
A children’s music channel is also available on AA330 and A340 aircraft.

Do I have to pay to watch a movie or listen to music on board?collapsed

No. The only service aboard you have to pay for is the OnAir WiFi system (you will find the price list in your seat-back pocket). All the other services are free.

What kind of entertainment is available in Executive Class?collapsed

Some A330 and A340 in our fleet are already equipped with an Audio and Video On Demand system, which includes:

  • A selection of over 100 films
  • 50 hours of Portuguese, Brazilian and international TV series and documentaries
  • Daily news from Rádio Televisão Portuguesa in Portuguese and from France 24 in English and French
  • 10 games (some of them multiplayer so you can play with other passengers on the same flight)
  • Over 1000 songs (renewed each two months) and audio books, with the possibility of creating your own playlist to listen to on board
  • 12 Radio TAP stations
  • Information about TAP and its destinations

What meals and drinks does TAP serve in executive class?collapsed

Our menus showcase Portuguese products, flavours and traditions. Combining traditional and contemporary cuisines: the finest fish, poultry and meat alongside traditional cod and octopus dishes. Chef Vítor Sobral has created:

  • 24 new main dishes (12 for medium-haul flights)
  • 18 more sophisticated side dishes (6 for medium-haul flights)
  • 12 sauces/chutneys for the salads paired with the side dishes
  • 6 new soups, an icon of long-haul tap|executive class
  • Desserts focused on traditional Portuguese sweets, as well as seasonal fresh fruit
At breakfast time, passenger favourites include:
  • Cold meats
  • Cheese
  • Fresh fruit
  • Yoghurt and jams
  • A selection of savoury and sweet bread
Besides food, tropical fruit juices, coffee (including "expresso") and a variety of teas are also served on board our aircraft. TAP offers a large selection of sparkling wines, red and white wines, ports and spirits. We always favour wines from Portuguese vineyards on our wine list, their richness and quality result from centuries of work and the diverse terrain, which contribute greatly to spreading Portugal's reputation overseas.

What kind of comfort levels can I expect when travelling Executive Class?collapsed

The Recaro lie-flat seats on the A330 are actual beds, with hypo-allergenic pillows twice the size of the previous ones, and are covered with a soft-touch fabric specially designed for tap. Traditional blankets have been replaced by soft, thick comforters on long-haul flights. The headrests have also been redesigned. New electronic noise-reduction headphones with cutting-edge technology make flying with tap even more comfortable. The new recyclable, collectible amenity kits, decorated with artwork by recognised Portuguese, Brazililan and African artists, contain comfort items made with 100% natural materials. Tablecloths, napkins, trolley cloths and tray cloths reflect the traditional quality of Portuguese textiles.

Can I use electronic devices on board?collapsed

Yes. TAP allows the use of portable electronic devices (PED) during all flight, if set in “flight mode” or equivalent profile — Wireless and Bluetooth functions disabled. There are some guidelines you should observe during your flight:

  • Mobile phones and other transmitting PED´s may be switched on until aircraft doors are closed
  • During take-off and landing, laptops and heavier PED´s must be properly secured in overhead lockers
  • When placed on overhead lockersor if requested by the crew, PED´s must be switched off
  • Please, check the list of portable electronic devices that are not allowed to use during all flight here.

Can I request a special meal on board?collapsed

Yes. You have a wide choice, including:

  • Meals for babies, children and diabetics
  • Lactose- and gluten-free meals
  • Low-calorie and low salt options
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Hindu, kosher, halal choices
  • Fruit or seafood only dishes
These meals are available:
  • For executive class, on all flights, regardless of origin or destination
  • For economy class, on all intercontinental flights
On domestic flights in Portugal (from/to Madeira or the Azores) and on European flights, the list of available meals is a little less extensive. On European flights — in economy or executive class — that stay overnight at a particular stop and are restocked with meals for the return journey, it is not possible to confirm special meals, with the exception of the kosher meal. If you require a special meal, please request it when you book the trip or at least 24 hours before the flight, through the Contact Center, on a TAP Counter or your travel agent. Online you can request some kinds of special meals: Vegetarian, Diabetic, Gluten-free, Kosher and Halal meals. Some special meals can also be requested online via the Manage Bookings option: vegetarian meals, meals for children, meals for diabetics, gluten-free, kosher and Muslim meals.

Are there any special meals for children?collapsed

Yes. On all long-haul flights, and certain medium-haul flights, TAP has special meals for children, provided that they are requested when the flight is booked. If you require a Child Meal for children between the ages of 2 and 11 (inclusive), please request it as early as possible. Baby Meals for children up to the age of 2 (inclusive) are available, if previously requested:

  • on long-haul flights
  • some medium-haul flights in tap|executive class

Can I use the internet on board?collapsed

Yes. The OnAir Wi-Fi system is available on routes between Europe and North and South America, on board our A330 fleet. All you need to do is turn on your equipment — laptop, tablet or smartphone — connect to the OnAir WiFi network, open your browser and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. You will also find instructions and a price list in your seat-back pocket or on the web session home page. Payment for this service is by credit card. Prices are as follows:

  • 4MB — 6 EUR
  • 10MB — 12 EUR

Is there a wine list available on board?collapsed

Yes. The TAP wine list is the result of careful selection by a panel of renowned Portuguese and Brazilian specialists. Find out more here.

Which flights offer comfort kits?collapsed

On tap|executive, we offer new comfort kits. Recyclable and collectable, decorated with works from acknowledged Portuguese, Brazilian and African artists. The kit contains items made with 100% natural materials.

Where can I find information on the TAP European flights cabin?collapsed

You can find all information regarding economy cabin here.

Where can I find information on the TAP long-haul flights cabin?collapsed

You can find all information regarding executive cabin here.

Can I smoke on board?collapsed

No. Smoking on board TAP flights is strictly prohibited. You can only carry electronic cigarettes in hand luggage. However, as their use may cause problems, smoking is prohibited in whatever form.

Do I have to pay for the special meals on board?collapsed

Some special meals are subject to an extra charge on flights of up to than 4 hours (medium haul).These meals are always subject to confirmation and availability. This service must be requested at least 24 hours prior to flight departure time or at the time you book your flight through the Contact Center, the TAP desk or your travel agent. On long haul flights, all special meals served are free for TAP passengers. Check the list of special meals and other information about this service here.

Does TAP charge extra for in-flight meals?collapsed

In-flight meals are free of charge except for some special dishes that are subject to an extra charge and are always subject to confirmation and availability. All of the airline’s flights, except the Faro and Porto services from Lisbon, have in-flight meal service. Find out what meal we will be serving on your flight here.

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