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Nature has been very generous, but much of Malaga’s beauty has been made by man over the centuries. Between the sea and the mountains and both the historic and modern areas of leisure, the birthplace of Picasso has a lot to offer.

Malaga is much more than just a city on the Costa del Sol, with good beaches and an excellent climate. It is a city with a long heritage, which has absorbed different elements and has moulded itself to create its own unique identity. The sun, sea and nature existed before the arrival of Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, but they brought something new and unique, transforming the landscape, but also creating traditions that still remain today.Since the weather is extremely pleasant, providing around 330 days of sunshine a year with an average temperature of 24 degrees, Malaga can be visited all year round. Getting around the city is relatively easy, the best advice is to go on foot, since many of its streets in the historical centre are pedestrian only. You can catch a bus (www.emtsam.es) to virtually any location since they have very good service routes and timetables. There is also tourist transport available such as horse-drawn carriages or open-top buses that offer tours of the main sights. Segways, bicycles and bicitáxis (taking tourists to places of interest, charging 18 Euros for a full trip for two people) are the other alternative means of transport available.