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Are you looking for some yards of kente, the traditional and colourful cloth from this African country made out of cotton and silk, fresh fruit, traditional Ghanaian dishes and ingredients, typical craftwork, technology and fashion’s latest trends? Then, you certainly came to the right place, because Accra has it all.

In Accra’s central district lies the commercial heart of the capital and, as we walk towards it, it’s not unusual to find rows of shacks and stands where you can buy food, cloths, clothes, books, crafts and even second-hand home appliances and electrical goods, next to standard shops with colourful headboards. But aside from the formal or informal trade that goes on in the streets, Accra is well-known for its markets, that sell both second-hand (and even more) goods and unlikely pieces, as well as the latest trends in fashion and technology. One of the largest and most famous markets, and also the most important one, is the Makola Market, at Kojo Thompson Road. In the same area and sharing the same name, the Makola Shopping Mall houses department stores, restaurants and offices- Unforgettable is the Osu Night Market, where you can shop throughout night time lit by candles and lanterns. Kaneshie Market, in Mallam-Odorkor Road, where you can buy foodstuff and textiles, is the second largest market in town, but there is also the brand new Timber Market, at Fadama Road, and de Kantamanto Market, the capital’s flea market.

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