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The Greek capital has its romantic side, with sites that have it all to become special. Mythology helps this mood, with stories like Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. Lose yourself in the views of the Acropolis, and discover the secrets of the Plaka neighborhood. In the end, relax in one of the city parks

The Hill Lykavitos which means Hill of the Wolves is the place to admire Athens at dawn and at dusk. If you want a more relaxed tour, ride the cable car, but if you prefer to go strolling in the surroundings, venture out on foot, in the certainty that the effort will be well rewarded. Other panoramic views that cannot be missed are the top of the Acropolis. Here the city is the main star of a beautiful landscape that deserves long periods of contemplation. There are many married and single couples that come to Athens before heading to the Greek islands, not missing the opportunity of visiting the capital of the country. And though it is a chaotic city, like all great cities, there are special places for two, to go. The traditional Plaka neighborhood being itself intimate is one of them. The streets are steep and colorful, where you’ll find along welcoming spaces for a snack or a drink. To relax from the bustle of city, discover one of green parks where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the silence of nature. We recommend a visit to Athens National Park where there is a small zoo.

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