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Bamako: Shopping

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Like a big market shaped as a town, almost everything can be bought and sold in the markets of Bamako, that are true monuments to commerce in its freest form,

In Bamako, buying and selling is almost as natural as breathing. Lying next to the Niger River, the city presents itself to the tourists as a giant market where the can find – and buy – everything that Mali has to offer. Those looking for souvenirs to offer to those waiting at home can find them in the Marché Rose. Those who see trade as an activity with a touristic appeal to it should visit the Marché Artisanale de Ngolonina, a small and peaceful market filled with great findings at reasonable prices. Those who dare to step foot in the Marché aux Gris-Gris should, however, prepare their noses and stomachs. Just behind Bamako's main mosque and right in front of the National Assembly, that is the place where healers and vendors sell body parts of all kinds of animals for so-called healing and magical purposes. The Marché Medine is the right place to find medicinal plants. Last but not lest, the Grand Marché, in the economic heart of the city, is perfect for shopping, or simply mingling with the locals and enjoy a good and typical Malian evening.

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