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“Made in China”: This is one of the most -used expressions in the world, since they are spread all around the world on tags for all sorts of products. Since you’re in the country where anything can be manufactured, enjoy and find other items which rarely leave China, such as precious antiques and traditional products. In Beijing, there are plenty of shops, but in the streets, prepare to bargain.

In the streets of Beijing, you can find everything, from bargains to famous brands. But it is always possible to bargain prices. This is normal behaviour, especially because the first figure given by the salesperson is usually exaggerated. In the end, the price ends up going down, but the value of the “discount” will depend on the buyer’s determination and expertise, be it fabrics, ceramics or electronics. Most shops are in the Xidan, Wangfujing Dalie, Qianmen and Dashilar areas, but near the Celestial Peace Square (Tiananmen Square), you can find the Dashilar mall, with large surfaces and medicinal herb experts, clothing or food. The Liulichang area is well-known for its antique shops. As well as consecutive window shopping, Beijing also offers an easy schedule for consumption: with a few exceptions, shops usually open from 9am to 9pm.

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