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Assuming that Belo Horizonte has the highest ratio of bars per capita in the world (it is said that there is one bar for every 187 residents), it is easy to see that the capital of the state of Minas Gerais has a frenetic pace. The options are varied and the party lasts until morning rise.

Without a great coastline and a famous Carnival, the People of Minas Gerais make a feast every night. And they make use of the fact that there are about 12 thousand bars /cafes in the city. Belo Horizonte has the liveliest nights of Brazil. The options for a night of amusement are as varied as the suggestions for concerts, parties, clubs, bingo, live music, where you won´t miss the typical MPB (Música Popular Brasileira – Traditional Brazilian music).The city center is where you’ll find the most bohemian area of "Beagá. It has a certain old-fashioned tone, but this is where the locals start their nights. Other preferred zones are the neighbourhoods of Savassi-Funcionários, São Pedro, Anchieta-Sion, Santa Teresa, Mangabeiras, São Bento, Santo Antônio, Lourdes or Serra. It becomes difficult to trace an itinerary, but locals suggest places like Major Lock, the nightclubs GLS, New Sagitarius. The bar Mercearia Lili (Grocery store) (Address: São João Evangelista Str., 676) is considered one of the best. During the day it is truly a grocery store. At night it becomes a meeting point to have a beer in a traditional and relaxed environment. To end the night it is essential to go to the Macarrão do Bolão - for your last beer(s) and have something to eat before bed.

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