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The charm of the third largest Cape Verdean island stretches well beyond its breathtaking beaches. You can’t miss the traces of history that linger in Boa Vista and the sights to which no one stays indifferent.

In the island that was first discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, a good starting-point is the capital, Sal-Rei, named after the salterns that were, for centuries, its main source of wealth. In Sal-Rei, what immediately stands out is the architectural colonial heritage. A trace that can be found in the baroque sandy and light-blue facade of Santa Isabel Church in Santa Isabel Square, a place where there is also an important market. Facing the bay, one can’t miss the Sal-Rei islet, with the ruins of the Duque de Bragança Fort, built to protect the village of the pirate attacks. Carrying on the historical adventure, you should also look up Povoação Velha, the first village founded by the Portuguese and the island’s former capital, where you can visit the Santo António Chapel and Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church. The small-villages of Cabeça de Tarafes, Fundo Figueiras e João Galego, to the north, and Rabil, famous for its pottery tradition are also must-sees.

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Ponta Delgada Pico Funchal Boa Vista
Ponta Delgada Pico Funchal Boa Vista