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Italy itself is a country full of romanticism. Rome, Venice and Florence are the favorite cities for a quick getaway for two, but Bologna could also be part of this group with more than enough reasons.

There’s no lack of Inspiration here. As the inspired poets Foscolo, Leopardi and Goethe, who also found love here. Perhaps they too impressed with the movement of people in the markets, with the light of the setting sun on the roofs of Bologna or the many city gardens, as Parco Montagnola (Piazza VIII Agosto), existing since the seventeenth century, or the botanical garden (Via Irnerio, 42), created in the middle of the sixteenth century and today has more than five thousand species of flora and fauna. Did you know that the city has the nickname of "Silver City" due to the abundance of this mineral during the Roman Empire? Now, how about buying here a neckless or a ring, a special gift for your loved one and do everything for this week-end to become memorable?If the city's environment helps romanticism, add the excellent existing restaurants and dine by candlelight. Donatello (Via Augusto Righi, 8) or Trattoria al Caminetto d'Oro (Via dei Falegnami, 4) are good options for returning from Bologna with a pounding heart.

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