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Cafes, bars and nightclubs guarantee the animation in various points of the city, but the table with a dinner made of local specialties together with fine wine and evening starts smoothly.

The evening promises to be long, so it is best to start with a dinner with some local specialties such as lobster, oysters, Aquitaine beef or Perigord truffles, accompanied, of course, by a good Bordeaux wine. Who wants to stay the center of town has numerous restaurants, esplanades, cafés and the triangle formed by the squares du Parlement Saint Pierre and Camille Jullian. The rue des Piliers of Tutelle is where the nightclubs are concentrated, indicated for a later raid. The Place de la Comedie is a most elegant zone, where the prices of restaurants and entertainment are a little higher, but it has a good offer of leisure, being served by the transport station Quinconces. Another fun area quite busy and full of charm is the Place de la Halle des Chartrons, frequented by locals and tourists. Also well served by transportation, may be the ideal place for a nice walk after dinner. Further north is located the area of the old docks, other times not recommended, but currently one of the liveliest places for parties aboard the boats and nightclubs installed in former warehouses. At Quai Paludate the animation is assured by bars and nightclubs. Due to the large influx of clubbers, it is not easy to find a place to park. The local authority recently authorized the opening of the nightclubs until 7:00 a.m., but within neighborhoods entertainment facilities are forced to close at 02h00 and the police is quite zealous about the noise.

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