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Before dinner try the Belgian beer. After a meal that may or may not be accompanied by live music it is time to start exploring the night in Brussels that on the week-ends ends only by dawn.

The best way to enjoy the nightlife in Brussels is to adopt the local habits and go to the same places that they usually go. After work it's time to have a beer, because the restaurants do not begin to fill up before 20:00. The Belgian cuisine has French and Italian influences, but there are restaurants specialized in almost all types of cuisine. After dinner, the Grand Place is one of the meeting points and to start the night so peacefully, look for the bar Goupil le Fol, a unique space with comfortable sofas, candles and a juke box that only has French music. The Music Village Bar (www.themusicvillage.com) has daily live jazz concerts, but there are many other places with live music, as Archiduc (www.archiduc.net) or the Café Central (www.lecafecentral.com) in Saint-Gery / Dansaert. This an area filled with terrace cafes, you may circulate among the bars, looking for which suits you best. The Bizon (www.cafebizon.com) is a classic in the Brussels night, while the Coaster is famous for the late night parties. The night is far from over, so there is still time to go to the La Fuse (www.fuse.be) a regular point where you’ll find international DJs, where techno, house and drum 'n' bass liven the dance floors till late hours. The Nostalgia Club (www.nostalgia-club.be) as the name implies, has mostly music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

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Belo Horizonte Dusseldorf Helsinki Rome