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Chocolates, wine, jewelry, embroidery in silk and natural cosmetics manufactured according to artisanal methods are typical products of Dubrovnik, but there is something which may not seem to be, but is typically Croatian: the tie

Among the most famous handicrafts of Dubrovnik are textiles embroidered with silk threads. Tablecloths, bookmarks and pillows with geometric patterns that are naturally colored, these are some of the most modern applications of this very old technique, preserved by many embroiderers who are still found when you travel around the city. Natural cosmetics from the Franciscan Monastery pharmacy are made according to recipes that have over 200 years and are very popular; you can find products that range from perfumes to hand creams and bath oils. The soaps are created from sweet almond oil, olive oil or goat's milk are quite popular and can be found at various stores in town, such as the Medusa (www.medusa.hr). Here are also sold gold pieces and accessories, another traditional art in Dubrovnik. Cuff links and earrings are among the most popular items. The geographical area of Croatia is very favorable for the vine culture and for this reason outcome greatly appreciated nectars: Plavac, Dingac and Postup stand out among the reds, as for the whites Pošip is the highlight. Another treat of this region is chocolate, especially dark. The century-old chocolate shop Kras (www.kraschocobar.com) in Stradun, continues to use handcrafted methods to manufacture bonbons and cakes and it also uses chocolate to make delicious shakes that will help you regain strength for the rest of the shopping that you still have to do. The hats from Ronchi (www.dubrovnik-online.com/ronchi), a factory that has existed since the 19th century, is still very successful and must be on the shopping list of this city. And finally, something that the Croatians are proud to have invented: The tie (Kravat in Croatian), made of silk with modern patterns which can be found near Rector's Palace or in the older stores of the Old Town.

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