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The fifth largest city in Germany, headquarters of the European Central Bank, but not a gray city. In Frankfurt, trade fairs and exhibitions cheer inhabitants and tourists throughout the year. Not to mention the gardens and parks of extreme beauty.

Tall trees, colorful gardens and skyscrapers. The quietness of the countryside alongside the bustle of cosmopolitan life. Frankfurt is a city of contrasts, therefore, appeals to all who go there. Also known as Frankfurt am Main, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth largest in Germany with more than 700 000 inhabitants. Located on the banks of the River Main, Frankfurt functions as an important financial center. Here are the headquarters of the European Central Bank, for example. You won’t miss skyscrapers and modern buildings.A good example is Zeil Street, a main artery of the city, which has the largest volume of business in all of Germany. But the industrial and commercial Frankfurt is also a source of poetry and history. It was here that the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born. In the city are held per year, more than half a hundred fairs and exhibitions, hence it is known worldwide for its rich cultural life. The International Motor Show and the Frankfurt Book Fair are the best known and most prestigious. Goethe's hometown is characterized by cold winters and cool summers, though temperatures may reach 30 degrees.