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From second-hand stores, luxury boutiques, where a cup can cost you 100 Euros, you will find products and commercial spaces for everyone in Frankfurt. Go for a stroll along the city's most famous shopping avenue, Zeil Street and don’t leave without at least bringing one shopping bag.

An entire street with no cars and where shops multiply, Zeil Street is also known as The Golden Mile and is the most popular and trendy shopping street in Frankfurt. Clothes, shoes and furniture, here you’ll find everything and for every budget. It is an authentic open-air shopping center. But if you enjoy indoor shopping centers you can go to BFG Skyscraper, with three floors of shops and restaurants. If, in the meantime, you get hungry, how about a going to Fressgass? Here you will find an authentic world of gourmet products. Frankfurt Flea Market is a well known market that takes place every Saturday from 08h00 to 14h00, along the River Main, where you can buy souvenirs, accessories, clothing and handicrafts. Bargain over prices. Or go to the Berger Street Schweizeronder where there are many second-hand shops and a multicultural environment. Don´t miss it. If you do not mind spending money, why not pay almost 100 euros for a cup of tea? Go to Höchster Porzellan Manufacture GmbH, a store with the best china with more than 150 years. Right in the city center, visit Goethe Street, where you can appreciate the works of the best known designers.

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