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The archipelago consists of two main islands: Madeira and Porto Santo. Besides these, there are two other, smaller and uninhabited: Desertas and Selvagens, true natural sanctuaries. For those who prefer a quieter vacation, a paradise beach, the best option is to travel to the island of Porto Santo.

For those looking for a few days on the beach in a paradise atmosphere, the island of Porto Santo is the ideal destination for a couple or a family. The long beach offers moments of pure relaxation and warm waters, with average temperatures between 19 and 23 degrees and constant refreshing dips. With hot summers and mild winters, the "Golden Island" as it is known, has several hotels of high quality and excellent connections by boat or plane. Besides the beach, there are many activities to occupy your spear time. With your feet on the ground, make some time to play golf on the Porto Santo golf course, with two loops of 9 holes each and a fantastic view of the north and south coast. Alternatively, you can experience one of several walking trails and enjoy communion with nature. For sea activity lovers there is a vast offering from diving to fishing and boat rides to jet skis. You can also climb to a peak and dare to take off, paragliding or hang gliding. The island also offers the possibility to enjoy spa treatments of thalassotherapy.

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Praia Pico Funchal Boa Vista
Praia Pico Funchal Boa Vista