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Completely isolated and located about 1800 meters of altitude Johannesburg's climate is dry and sunny, except for occasional showers in the afternoons during the summer months, between October and April. Temperatures vary between 16 and 26 degrees. Despite the distance separating the city from the sea, it can be a good starting point to discover the beautiful beaches of South Africa.

From long stretched, sandy, unspoiled beaches in the West Coast to the subtropical coastlines in Maputaland, in South Africa there are beaches that guarantee to suit every taste. More, you can enjoy the sunrise both in the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Although being located inland, the city of Johannesburg is only an hour's flight from some of the best beaches in the country with almost an infinite variety of activities related to the sea, whether surfing, windsurfing or diving and an unforgettable whale watching tour. Curious fact: there are several diving schools in the city of Johannesburg, allowing locals and tourists to do the necessary preparation before the diving baptism in Sodwana Bay. Warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean to the cold Atlantic many underwater treasures are still undiscovered. The area of the Eastern Cape, especially in Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay are world renowned for the quality of its waves and being a true haven for surfers. Already Langebaan, near Cape Town, is specified for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Among sharks, stingrays and many colorful fish, South Africa is also one of the best worldwide destinations to discover marine mammals, from dolphins to whales.

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