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It will be easy to find a place to spend a lively night since the Lisbon nightlife lasts until dawn. Known as one of the longest and most vibrant in Europe, it has options for all tastes, from a relaxed atmosphere with live music, night clubs, fado houses and the bustling streets of Bairro Alto.

The Lisbon people have a habit of going out starting from nine to dine with friends and then go for a night out that may last until dawn. Bairro Alto is a good starting point since, in addition to the restaurants, it has several bars for all tastes and different generations and the narrow streets become filled with people. In the area of Cais do Sodré is the historic Bar Jamaica, Europa and Music Box, along with a couple of Irish bars and have helped to be renew this part of town. The 24 Julho Avenue is buzzing with bars and clubs that extend beyond the railway, Rocha Conde d'Óbidos up to the docks of Alcântara. In the eastern part is the Parque das Nações. Recovered Zone for the Expo-98, it also has a great offer of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that enliven the night of Lisbon. Talking but Lisbon nightlife it is obviously impossible not mentioning Fado. There are several places, with various prices and many different singers. Clube de Fado, in Alfama, is the best known but also the most expensive. If you don’t mean to spend that much you will also find in Alfama and Bairro Alto other great choices.

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