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It was European Capital of Culture in 1995 and returned to take on the "task on" once more in 2007. Culture is part of the history and soul of Grand Duchy. You’ll find a museum, an exhibition or a music festival in every corner. Wherever you go you’ll be plunged into a sea of history, tradition and art.

The name comes from the word “Licilinburhuc” which is synonymous with strength. It was thus christened, the town that developed from the tenth century, within the fortified area. Its long history and heritage are therefore the starting point for a special relationship with the arts. In 2007, the city of Luxembourg was chosen as European Capital of Culture for the second time in its history; the first being in 1995. Luxembourg holds numerous painting exhibitions, one of the most common forms of artistic expression in the city, having seen many big names such as Joseph Kutter for example. It is also the site of several museums and theatres that you’ll want to pay special attention to. And it’s there that you can find the oldest radio station in Europe, Radio Luxembourg, whose studios are in the gardens near the Old City. The first broadcast was in 1934 and it remains a well known station to this day, even enjoying popularity in neighbouring countries. Exhibitions of classical, modern and contemporary art have a regular place in the Casino Luxembourg-Forum of Contemporary Art. The theatrical performances are presented in several languages. Different music festivals are performed throughout the year, from the most classical style to jazz, rock and pop.

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