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From Medieval to Gothic cathedrals, palaces, forests, hills and rivers make Luxemburg a city of princes and princesses, full of refinement and charm. It is known as "The City of Bridges" and boat trip is a complement for romantic days in the Grand Duchy's capital, a city that appeals to dream and invites couples to discover it with no hurry.

A castle on top of a cliff, palaces and cathedrals, from medieval to Gothic, they represent much of the romance and charm of Luxemburg city. A destination of few days for a couple to consider, with walks through the narrow streets of Old Town, moments of relaxation in the beautiful gardens, a boat ride or a trip on Petrusse Express, a train that runs between castles and ancient monuments. On top of the cliff, the castle that symbolizes the birth of the city offers a fantastic panoramic view of Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. The “Old Town”, dating from the seventeenth century, was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The gardens are also Pétrusse and a place of mandatory stop. Be sure to drink a glass of Moselle wine at sunset. Before, go to the Cathedral of Our Lady, which houses the tomb of the royal family and visit the Grand Ducal Palace. Surprise your loved one with a spa treatment for two at Mondorff Domaine Thermal. Take the opportunity to leave town and find charm in the almost mystical and mysterious forests of Mullerthal near Echternach. You can also make romantic boat trips on the river Mosel and enjoy the romantic beauty of the Ardennes region.

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Luxembourg Amsterdam Horta Porto