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Manchester is vintage paradise. From records to books, clothing and accessories, there are items from every age. Those who want to feel the city spirit have to visit the local markets.

The big chain stores and the luxury brands are well represented, but what makes Manchester truly especial for those who like shopping are the markets (www.manchestermarkets.com). One can buy a bit of everything with a certain vintage spirit, visible in the many shops of antique books, clothing and old records. For those who want to stay in the city centre and don’t have a particular idea of what to look for, there’s nothing better than visiting the markets that sell a bit of everything from fresh products to collectible items, clothing, music records and furniture. There is also the advantage of negotiating prices and easily getting discounts. For fresh products the Real Food in Piccadilly Gardens is the best, while in the Feast Market in St. Ann Square one can buy a ready-cooked meal. The Arndale is open every day and is located in the High Street. There is a great diversity of local products but also fashion accessories, souvenirs and many services like manicure and shoemaking. The Tib Market is on Saturdays and it is the ideal place to find new stylists in the city: hats, purses, jewellery and clothing, all in a very acceptable price. If you are looking for an item with a bit of History, the Vintage Fashion Market is a real vintage paradise, with all the articles and styles that marked the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s and 1980s. It takes place every third Saturday of the month. The retro is also present in places like the Retro Rehab or the Cow. For those who prefer traditional shops, places like Afflecks (www.afflecks.com) can be a good choice, as they sell a bit of everything from textiles to tattoos.

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