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Animation is in Feira Popular, along the avenue or other cosmopolitan areas, nightlife is little spread all over the city of Maputo. To have a great night, nothing better than a typical African dinner or one with more European flavors.

Your night can start within Feira Popular grounds, in 25 de Setembro Avenue, where several restaurants have an advantage that is having their own parking grounds inside. Here the options range from traditional Mozambican dishes to international cuisine, including Portuguese. One of the most well known is Escorpião that besides having Portuguese food also has a good wine list. Whoever would like to spend the rest of the night in the amusement park – Feira Popular - has also several choices of bars. Maputo is also a great place to eat seafood and the choices on where to go is varied: the Marisqueira Sagres is well known, but perhaps we also recommend Marítimo, or the Dock's or Costa do Sol. Because they’re all located on the main avenue, you just have to stop, look around and choose which you prefer, not forgetting that overlooking the sea can be an interesting complement to a great meal. Some have live music, which will extend the night. In Julius Nyerere Avenue is another spot to consider in your gastronomic itinerary, featuring a variety of cuisine choices including Mozambique, Portuguese or Asian. Nightlife is also concentrated in these three areas, being the main reference Complexo Coconuts on the Marginal Avenue. There are several places to choose from, all with different environments, ranging from lounge where you chat and relax also with a club. Dolce Vita in Julius Nyerere Avenue is another option, and For You Lounge Club located on the Mao Tse-Tung Avenue, one of the most exclusive of the Mozambican capital.

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