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The best way to start a night is tasting the local specialties, which has fish as the main ingredient, then passing through bars with live music or Irish beer and you may end only in the morning in a party by the pool.

To start the evening a good idea is trying the bouillabaisse, a typical dish of the city, prepared with fish, garlic, croutons and saffron. This specialty can be found in restaurants of the port area, which also offer a wide variety of fish and shellfish. Chez Michel and Les Mets de Provence Chez Maurice Brun are among the most recommended for those who wish to try the local cuisine, but there are many restaurants with flavors from around the world scattered throughout the city. Whoever enjoys some music after dinner may go to Café Julien (www.espace-julien.com) or L'Affranchi (www.l-affranchi.com), which also offers theatrical performances in some days of the week. The Irish bars also have a strong presence in the city's nightlife. The good beer and typical atmosphere of a pub can be found in O'Brady's (www.obradys.com) or The Black Unicorn (www.blackunicorn.fr). Regarding nightclubs the variety is greater since there are over 20 spots where you can dance until dawn. La Maronaise is attended by the famous, Le Trolleybus (www.letrolley.com) is already a classic of the city’s night and Sport's Beach Café (www.sportsbeachcafe.fr) offers the best parties by the pool.

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