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With or without beer Steins in hand, the residents of Munich are considered to be the most entertaining in Germany. Despite the cold, the population always goes out to the streets, but in these days, it is better to have warm wine with berry flavour (glühwein).

Whatever the importance of figures, they help understanding the importance of beer for the people who live in Munich. According to statistics, the consumption of the alcoholic beverage per person in Germany is of circa 150 litres per year, but in Munich, the figure tends to climb to 280 litres! And it’s not by mere chance that the capital of Bavaria is the third-largest beer producer worldwide. Overall, there are around 400 Bierkellers in town (indoors bars) and Biergartens (outdoors bars) which often compete to see who has the most entertaining happy hour. The well-known Oktoberfest is the maximum exponent in terms of beer consumption. Regarding the night itself, Munich was a wide range of offers, similar to what happens throughout Germany. Bars and clubs are almost always full with people from all over the world. The party lasts until dawn. Among the most sought-after areas is Schawabing, one of the most bohemian areas in town, where we can find many bars, cafés, live music sites and clubs, and it is an area that tourists tend to love.

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