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Take a stroll through the Parque das Dunas or the Parque Ecológico de Genipabu and get to know the species that are in the composition of the fauna and flora of Natal. With a guide at your side, ask all questions that come to mind. Be a true environmentalist!

Nature and Natal are two words that do not live one without the other. In addition to the amount of beaches and dunes that we can loose count of, there are also extensivegreen areas. The Parque das Dunas is a green area protected by law, which covers more than a thousand acres within the urban area of Natal. It is so large that it can be seen from almost the entire south area of Natal. Its main entrance is made by the Bosque dos Namorados. Here you will find amusement parks for children, who will love to see some of the monkeys jumping in the trees. You'll learn a lot about the nature and formation of sand dunes, and be able to identify some of the 269 species that comprise the flora and fauna of that area and which are properly catalogued. You can also make short or long walks with the presence of a guide that will explain the life in that forest. And if you're a real fan of green spaces, be sure to visit the Dunes Ecological Park at Genipabu. It is the second largest urban park in Brazil and allows for the observation of diverse plant and animal species, unique to the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Woods). If you like small towns, go to Redinha, a fishing village, marked by tradition, handicrafts, the smell of the ocean, all to which join the flavours of freshly caught fish.

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