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Pico is part of the Central Group of islands called the Azores archipelago, along with Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge and Faial. From its location you may without great difficulty, visit the neighboring islands and learn a little more of natural and historical richness of the Azores

Due to its location in the Central Group, from the island of Pico it is possible to visit several islands within a short time. With several daily flights (more frequent during summer) to Faial and Sao Jorge that are just a few minutes away. Forget the "bad weather in the Canal" even though it may appear, when you least expect and make the crossing to Faial (30 minutes) you can hear many sea and sailors stories in the marina, where every day all the boats set sail and dock, departures and arrivals are recorded on the famous inscription mural. Sip a gin and tonic in the famous Peter's and set out to explore the city of Horta. Known for being filled with hydrangeas, the island of Faial mixes shades of green, in its prairies, with the blue of the sea (and flowers). You may also reach Sao Jorge by boat, a narrow island, with a mountain range in the center. One of the peculiarities of the island are the “fajãs” (coves), whose origin is related to volcanic eruptions. You might want to explore Terceira and its capital, Angra Heroism, whose historic center has been classified World Heritage by UNESCO. In all the islands enjoy the natural beauty, outdoor activities, culture, heritage and cuisine.

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Recife Horta Pico Boa Vista
Recife Horta Pico Boa Vista