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The richness of its monumental and artistic heritage, the Port Wine cellars, the large areas dedicated to leisure and cultural life, are just some of the reasons that invite you to visit Porto, a city that enjoys surprising and risking new artistic trends. The Douro River is still a major attraction and nothing better than a boat ride.

Porto is a city to discover on foot, despite its slopes, it’s the best and only way to discover places that seem to hide from those passing in a hurry. A city where the gray granite is not enough to break the spell of certain places such as the Ribeira da Foz or one of the busiest arteries of town and Boavista. To begin your visit, start the itinerary in Aliados Avenue, known as a welcoming area of the city, where the town hall is located. Go along to the Tower of the Clérigos, then down the narrow streets, towards the Riverside, a single place, as for its landscape or the houses that although recovered, still resemble medieval days. Looking at the Douro River on cloudy days or sunny afternoons and walking along its shores until you reach Foz, the city's most aristocratic area, is a suggestion to consider, as well as a boat ride down the river and discovering the city from another perspective. Due to the granite, it is said that it is a gray city, but Porto is a hub of great artistic and cultural dynamism, which can be seen in the Serralves Foundation, House of Music or Bombarda area, with its galleries, bars and restaurants.

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