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To say that Prague breathes culture it is not just saying, but a reality. The monumentality of the streets and squares is just the starting point for a city where music has a very special place, but where the offer is very diverse.

It is impossible to talk about Prague without remembering Franz Kafka, one of the greatest sons of this city. The museum named after him (www.kafkamuseum.cz) can be a starting point for the discovery of several other places that help to understand the story of one of the most emblematic capitals of Central Europe. The National Museum (www.nm.cz.), the largest of all, fulfils a diversity of areas such as music or geology. Some of the city's museums have been renovated and now offer better conditions for visitors, but keeping its original architecture, which creates an interesting contrast between tradition and innovation, a common trade mark seen in whole of the city. It was in Prague that Mozart composed "Don Giovanni "and the musical universe that keeps alive the city's strong connection to the show, either through festivals of choirs such as The Festival Mozart Prague (www.choirs.cz) or the Spring Festival (www.festival.cz) which brings classical music to several locations. With the coming of good weather, also increase the outdoor events, such as markets, concerts and of course the Beer Festival. After several years of isolation, Prague began a starting point through outdoor events, with great international stars from rock, pop and jazz.

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