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State capital of Pernambuco, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Recife reveals itself to tourists with its rich historical and cultural heritage and the splendour of its waters. Skyscrapers rise on modern avenues, while the Beberibe and Capiberibe river channels coexist with colonial buildings and traditional alleys.

Known as the Brazilian Venice, for its canals and bridges over the Beberibe and Capiberibe rivers, the city of Recife lives in a scenario of harmony between the past and the present. With over one and a half million inhabitants, this city of North-eastern Brazil, where diverse cultural influences converge, it is possible to cross bridges built by the Dutch, admire the churches left by the Portuguese colonists, delight in the cuisine of Indian origin or dance the Maracatu rhythm, with an African touch. With a hot and humid tropical climate, and high temperatures all throughout the year, the city of Recife invites you to a refreshing swim at its beaches. With seven kilometres of extension, the Boa Viagem Beach enchants with its natural pools that are formed between the sand banks and the coral reefs. But the capital of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco also gained fame by its historical and cultural heritage. Besides the monuments, theatres and museums, the carnival is a major attraction in Recife. Proof of this was registered in the "Guinness Book of World Records" in 2009, the year in which the carnival block Galo da Madrugada dragged into the streets of the city, over two million merrymakers.