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Full of history and culture, Salvador is the capital state of Bahia. It is now the third most populous city in Brazil. But arriving here, we are amazed by a land that offers us the pleasures of the fascinations of tradition and modernity. One of the mottos of the city is joy. Not only during Carnival, but throughout the year.

Bahia is known for being the land of poets and musicians. Men and women who sing, from the heart of this area of northeastern Brazil, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, son of Salvador. This was the first capital of Brazil. The name was given in 1549 by the Portuguese navigator Tomé de Sousa, who had orders of King John III of Portugal to establish the fortress city called San Salvador. The rich cultural heritage and human history has earned him many awards. But one of the soteropolitanos (inhabitants from Salvador) - the name given to the people - are most proud to be known as the "Capital of Joy".Salvador is a guarantee of love at first sight: white sand beaches, palms trees and warm waters are clichés that help to win. This is the second most visited destination by foreigners, leaving behind only the Rio de Janeiro. But no other city in Brazil gathers identical parts, the beauty of landscapes, milestones of History in each corner and cultural elements, music, dance through the poetry. It was a land of slaves, came to be known as the Black Rome, as the metropolis with the highest percentage of blacks outside Africa, but multiculturalism is one of the greatest traits of this city.