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The night São Paulo has always been seen as one of the busiest in Latin America. And in Sao Paulo hear and dance to a bit of everything. The important thing is to have fun, something that Brazilians have to spare. The rum and beer help relax the night.

Among the most popular sites is the neighborhood of Vila Madalena. The option for the snacks, such as drumsticks and meat pies are always recommended, especially when accompanied by a cold beer. The bars abound and there are prices to suit all pockets. You can enter a club without paying, but there are places where the input can cost a small fortune. The fact that Sao Paulo has won the fame of having one of the best nights of Brazil helps it work that way. The chic bars begin to gain more supporters and also exist in Vila Madalena tend to spill over into other areas like the suburbs of Pinheiros and Vila Nova da Conceição. Electronic music lovers have plenty to choose from in Vila Olimpia, the Manga Rosa and the club Lov are among the busiest. The now-famous Pacha, in Vila Leopoldina, is always full, like the Lotus (a subsidiary of the club with the same name in New York) in Brooklyn. Before venturing into the night, enjoy a dinner at the neighborhood Liberdade or Marginal Tiete, where you can find a large variety of restaurants.

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