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With its richness and variety, Sao Paulo is a haven for different trips for two. The more extroverted couples can join the party in the street while the more demure can browse the fantastic restaurants in town. Whichever option you make, there will always be assured of a friendly and pleasant.

Although it may not seem at first glance, the environment of São Paulo is cozy. It is true that this is not a city like New York or London, but St. Paul also has its magic. The simplicity makes it nice and refinement makes the moment even more special. The Brazilians are capable of surprising, so it's no wonder that when you go to a restaurant, listen to employees waiters sing romantic songs immortalized on Broadway. And the bet in the novel is well highlighted in the city, where there are agencies that perform scripts for this purpose. "Once Upon a Chalezinho", designed to provide customers with a trip to the Swiss Alps, is one of the most recommended restaurants for dinner for two, such as Oggi Cuccina & Vinos, made of Italian cuisine in a wood oven. Will also be an unforgettable dinner at the Terrace Italy (Italy Building), where you have a fabulous view over the city. Dating in Sao Paulo is also a walk in the many green spaces in the city. The Ibirapuera park and Villa-Lobos and the Garden of Light are three of the best known parks most popular with young couples.

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