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São Tomé and Príncipe


It's the perfect choice to spend a couple of days or for a honeymoon. Plenty of couples choose to get a few days to celebrate, party and rest. Hotel chains in the archipelago have been investing heavily in quality services, assuring dream experiences in paradise.

As well as the island of São Tomé and Príncipe, another good option is the Rolas Island. After the construction of a luxury resort, its main vocation is tourism. This is only accessible by boat, from the Porto Alegre village, in São Tomé, on a trip which takes approximately twenty minutes. The island is not too big: it has approximately three square kilometres, but it hosts an incredible hotel, the Ilhéu das Rolas Resort, from the Pestana Group (www.pestana.com) located in the middle of the virgin forest and bathed by crystalline and temperate waters.There is another option in the island of Príncipe, namely at another luxury complex but which fits the beach cabin scenario, with all the comforts couples deserve for perfect days of romance and passion. This is the Bom-Bom Resort (www.africas-eden.com), with bungalows on the sand, a view to the marina, a restaurant, pool, bar and where you can also dive and swim with dolphins.

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