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The flamenco and bullfighting are two highlights of this fantastic city, synonymous with celebration, joy and culture. The grandiose Cathedral of Our Lady of Seville, is an example, it is the biggest in Spain and was considered the third largest in the world. Walking in the colorful Sevillian streets is synonymous with living. Here, staying at home is forbidden.

Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain - following Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia - and is the ideal place to watch a bullfight or a flamenco show. The colorful streets become with even more color and joy when, in the traditional festivities, the ladies dress up and show off their dancing skills in the lively calles (streets). The capital of Andalusia is charming and mysterious (one of 17 autonomous communities of Spain), with its 3000 years of history. It is full of churches, monasteries and monuments, the most important being the cathedral. At night, people are on the streets and celebrate, because here there is always reason to celebrate. Excitement will not be lacking in Seville, a city where there are approximately 700 000 people. A number that rises up to 1.5 million inhabitants, if you consider its metropolitan area. The Mediterranean climate with continental influences invites to lovely walks. After all, Seville is one of the hottest cities in Europe - on average about 19 degrees - and is a destination for thousands of tourists of around the world.