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You’re in one of the biggest shopping centres of the world. Enjoy! Here one can buy everything at friendly prices, from the perfect Asiatic imitations to the hundreds of renowned shops. And one of the world’s largest metropolises had to have the longest commercial avenue of the world, right?

That’s where you should start. Or if you don’t have time, that’s where you should go: Nanjing Road at the Bund zone. There are 600 shops, all of them to see on foot along six kilometres. This street welcomes about one million people a day. And all the famous brands are here, from Louis Vuitton to Dior, and some at the luxurious Plaza 66. Just next door, one of the streets parallel to Nanjing is Wujiang Lu. Here you can shop cheaper with less luxury in some of the imitation shops. Take the opportunity to have typical Chinese food for lunch or dinner, very cheap and ideal to recover your strengths after a day of intense shopping.There are also two other places one can’t miss. The Dongtai Market is one of the most famous in Shanghai and the best to acquire some typical products, like handicrafts, porcelains, paintings or bronze materials. Then there is Fuzhou Lu. It got famous as Culture Street and here one will find books, music postcards, frames or magazines and other art item in the several book or record shops.

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