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If winter in Stockholm is too rigorous and calls for staying in closed spaces, the summer is received by the population in all its euphoria, which chooses the green spaces to celebrate. Officially, summer’s solstice is received celebrating, with crowns made of flowers and typical attire. The islands of Djurgarden e Skepps Holmen are two of the most looked for destinations.

June is the month of solstice and everybody is rigorously preparing to greet the summer. They raise a cross, make crowns made of flowers and put on traditional attire that colors the dance and popular chanting. The stage for the celebration is Skansen, on the island of Djurgarden, an open-air museum in the center of Stockholm, also ideal for other walks outside the festive season. The park opened in 1891 with the purpose of making known the lifestyles (past and present ones) of the Swedish people. So, it’s possible to find peasant chalets and farms from Lords, as well as typical professional activities: shoemakers, bakers, craftsmen or glassblowers. In the gardens, one can see animals in a small zoo and typical northern countries trees. It’s on this island that is located the Nordiska Musseet (museum dedicated to Sweden’s cultural history), Biologiska Museum (shows the Swedish fauna), Pippi Longstockings’ house and Gröna Land.Another of nook you can’t miss is the small island of Skepps Holmen, filled with gardens and museums. The most famous one is the Moderna Museet, inaugurated in 1998, when Stockholm was European Cultural Capital. To visit this museum’s gardens is a true trip to Paradise (which is the name of the colorful sculptures that exist there since 1972). The small island is surrounded by ships and shipyards, where boats and canoes from professional and nautical sport-lovers are kept.

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Ponta Delgada Pico Funchal Stockholm
Ponta Delgada Pico Funchal Stockholm