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Vienna was considered one of the best cities to live in, for obvious reasons. The numerous green spaces, the contrast between an imperial city and twenty-first century city, endless culture and cafes that thrive in every square and corner of the Austrian capital making this city a tempting destination that you cannot miss.

The history of Austria's capital is long and diverse. It began as a Celtic settlement, a Roman city, welcomed the Babenberg dynasty in the Middle Age and later, the House of Habsburg. In the nineteenth century it became the capital of the Austrian Empire, later the Austro-Hungarian Empire and, finally, the Republic of Austria (although relented for a time, replaced by Berlin with the re-unification of the country with Germany in 1938).Built on the banks of the Danube, Vienna is one of the nine states of Austria and a major economic, political and cultural center. Names like Klimt, Freud and Mozart are part of the illustrious that immortalized it. The Baroque influence is present in the architecture, but there is a new Vienna facing the twenty-first century concerned with design. Besides the historical monuments, cafes are another highlight of the city, filled with traditional deserts (such as the Sacher torte) and also captivating environments. Nightlife is an experience to fulfill in Vienna. In addition to bars and clubs where drinks such as punsch (drink, served hot, with of red or white wine and brandy), a night at the opera in Vienna is inevitable or in the many cultural venues. Although any time is ideal for visiting Vienna, winter may be too strict.