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Zagreb’s green spaces invite resting and long walks. Ideal for recovering energy and breathing fresh air, these places are full of history, where time appears to have sat still.

To enter Zagreb’s greener side, the best is to start by the Botanical Garden (www.botanic.hr), property of the Faculty for Sciences and Mathematics. With an extension of 4,7 hectares, it has more than ten thousand species of plants, many of them in danger of extinction. Most of the space is taken by trees, but it has many nooks where to stop, rest and enjoy all of this garden’s beauty in its English style, where there is no lack of bridges, hills and artificial caves. Ribnjak Park was built in 1829, through bishop Alagovic’s initiative, who wanted to include several sculptures in this garden, along with magnolias, cedars and waterfalls. The art work remained on paper, but the green space transformed into an area of around 40 thousand square meters, ideal for peaceful strolls. In the oriental side of town rests Maksimir Park, open to the public since 1974, but created in the 18th century. The oak trees were planted at that time, like many of the bushes and flower beds. It’s a place filled with art, sculptures, monuments, lakes, a Swiss chalet, a pavilion and a belvedere. Opatovina Park is formed by six gardens that, after the Second World War, were transformed into a vast leisure site. In the summer, the park is the stage for several theater plays.

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Munich Faro Ponta Delgada Zurich