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Knowing that Zurich is the European city with the most clubs per habitant might be a good starting point for visitors who want to go out at night. But the city is also full of restaurants, cafés and small bars for those who prefer a calmer night.

Dinner is the first step for a night well-spent. Diversity is huge: you can easily find places that serve typical Swiss food, but also world cuisine. From more traditional places such as the Zunfthaus zur Zimmerlauten (www.zunfthaus-zimmerleuten.ch), going through university restaurants or pizzerias (which shut at 11pm), Zurich has a vast offer of locations and prices, mainly in the busiest areas, such as Löwenstrasse, Bahnhofplatz or Münstergasse. Whatever the dish, the essencial thing is to have a chocolate dessert. Cafés and bars around the city allow you to have a calm start of the evening: Café Wühre, by the river, 815 (www.0815.dj), near Bahnhofstrasse or Café-Bar Casablanca (www.cafe-casablanca.ch), with its young and relaxed ambiance, are only a few suggestions for the first hours before entering the buzz of clubs. Most of the night entertainment places are located in the Western area of the city, an area where factories and warehouses have been turned into clubs with no closing time. Get ready for long nights on the dance floor in clubs like the traditional Mascotte (www.mascotte.ch), the oldest nightclub in the city, or the modern Jade (www.jade.ch, often attended by famous international DJs. Kaufleuten (www.kaufleuten.com), despite its retro décor, is still in fashion, and the Abart Music Club (www.abart.ch) is the right one for those who prefer punk, rock or heavy metal beats.

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