Recipe for the month of September

Baked Octopus with Potatoes, Olives and Herbs 

Chef Ljubomir Stanisic / 100 Maneiras


Ingredients (serves 4) 
Octopus 1kg
400g Potatoes
2 Plum Tomatoes
10g Shallots
40 Parsley leaves
10 Basil leaves
4 Bay leaves
4 Garlic cloves with skin on
Olive oil
Pepper and Honey 
Vinegar to taste 

Firstly prepare the octopus: cook slowly in hot olive oil seasoned with bay leaves, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper (70ºC for 12 hours).

Bake the potatoes with coarse salt in the oven at 180º.

Peel the tomatoes and make the concassé (dice into half centimetre cubes approx). Finely chop the black olives and the shallots and chisel the parsley and basil.

Peel the baked potatoes and mash them with a fork, adding the olives, shallots and herbs, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Season the tomato concassé with the finely chopped shallots, salt and melfor vinegar (white wine vinegar with 15% honey).

Adjust the seasoning and add the basil-infused olive oil.

To serve
Place the tomato concassé over the potatoes using a 7cm serving ring. Position the two octopus tentacles in a ‘V’ shape.

Finally add the basil-infused olive oil.


For the basil-infused olive oil 

Olive oil 1dl
15 Basil Leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat half the olive oil until it reaches 100ºC, add the basil leaves and place in a mixing cup. Place the mixing cup in water and ice and grind while adding the remaining oil.



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