Economy class

Discover the true meaning of travelling in economy class on TAP: quality, comfort and entertainment.


Video, audio and games 

On TAP, we want the make the hours you spend with us even more pleasant by offering you high quality entertainment throughout your flight.

The best touchscreen experience

On part of our A330 and A340 fleet, you will find a wide variety of audio-visual content with touchscreen technology: 

  • audio and video on demand
  • 30 films
  • 15 television channels
  • 12 radio channels
  • 10 games
  • Kids Channel
  • 60 CDs 

On which flights can you enjoy this service?

  • Luanda
  • Maputo
  • Salvador
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • São Paulo
  • Brasilia
  • Natal
  • Fortaleza
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Recife
  • New York
  • Miami

Fly in the company of a digital channel system

Another seven A330 aircraft are equipped with a digital channel system with:

  • Remote control
  • A selection of 20 films
  • Television series and documentaries
  • 12 audio channels 

Entertainment for everyone 

A319, A320 and A321 aircraft are equipped with ceiling mounted screens where you can enjoy content on: 

  • Sport
  • Destinations
  • Cartoons and much more.

OnAir WiFi 

On board our A330 Pedro Nunes, with the OnAir Wi-Fi system, during the flight you can access the Internet on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will find instructions and a price list in your seat-back pocket or on the web session home page. 

Magazines and newspapers on TAP flights 

On TAP, we have a selection of magazines and newspapers at your disposal:

These are handed out when departing from Lisbon and Porto at TAP’s Inflight Media Counter, located at Lisbon and Porto airports, upon presentation of the boarding pass - only for passengers traveling on aircrafts operated by TAP Portugal.

On long-haul flights returning to Portugal, in economy class, some newspaper titles are distributed.

On all flights you will find the award-winning UP Magazine, TAP’s in-flight magazine.


Note: This service is only available on aircrafts operated by TAP Portugal and PGA. The distribution of newspapers is not available on board Beechcraft aircrafts.

Entertainment for children 

Children aged between 4 and 11 will be given an eco-friendly tin containing: an eye mask, coloured pencils, sharpener, toothbrush, toothpaste and a soft rattle (for children aged between 0 and 3).

We also have a children’s music channel available on our entire Airbus A330 and A340 fleet. 



In economy class, TAP offers a meal suitable for the time and duration of each flight that is inspired by the creativity of our consulting chefs and made with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

What types of meals are served on TAP?

  • Hot meal: meal with a hot main dish served on a tray
  • Cold light meal: a light meal consisting of a cold sandwich on long-haul flights, and a box with a cold sandwich on medium-haul flights
  • Cold meal: meal consisting of a cold main dish served on a tray
  • Snack: an individually packed sweet or salty snack, mini sandwich 

Note: In the event of an irregularity, the type of meal offered may be changed without prior notice.


Find out what kind of meal will be served on your flight. All routes are shown as originating in Lisbon, TAP’s base of operations.

In Portugal
Azores Horta hot meal cold light meal 
  Pico hot meal cold light meal 
  Ponta Delgada hot meal cold light meal 
  Terceira hot meal cold light meal 
Madeira Funchal cold light meal  snack
  Porto Santo cold light meal  snack
Mainland Faro no service no service
  Porto no service no service
To Africa
Algeria Algiers hot meal light cold meal
Angola Luanda hot meal cold meal
Cape Verde Praia hot meal hot meal
  Sal hot meal hot meal
  Sao Vicente hot meal hot meal
Ghana Accra hot meal hot meal
Guinea Bissau Bissau hot meal hot meal
Mali Bamako hot meal hot meal
Morocco Casablanca light cold meal snack
  Marrakesh light cold meal snack
Mozambique Maputo hot meal cold snack
Senegal Dakar hot meal hot meal

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome hot meal hot meal
To the Americas
Brazil Belo Horizonte hot meal cold meal
  Brasília hot meal cold meal
  Fortaleza hot meal cold light meal
  Natal hot meal cold light meal
  Porto Alegre hot meal cold meal
  Recife hot meal cold light meal
  Salvador hot meal cold light meal
  Sao Paulo, Guarulhos hot meal cold meal
  Sao Paulo, Viracopos hot meal cold meal
  Rio de Janeiro hot meal cold meal
United States New York hot meal cold light meal
  Miami hot meal cold meal
Venezuela Caracas hot meal cold light meal

Special meals on TAP

TAP offers a special meal service on board, which must be requested at time of booking (subject to confirmation and availability).

If you need a special meal, please make sure you request the correct meal at time of booking through the Contact Center, TAP Counter or with your travel agent.

Check below the list of special meals that can be made available upon request. 

Code and name for the special meals available on TAP: 

  • AVML - Asian vegetarian meal
  • BBML - Baby meal
  • BLML - Meal without strong spices
  • CHML - Child meal
  • DBML - Diabetic meal
  • FPML - Fruit meal
  • GFML - Gluten-free meal
  • HNML - Hindu meal
  • KSML - Kosher meal
  • LCML - Low calorie meal
  • LFML - Low fat meal
  • LSML - Low salt meal
  • MOML - Muslim meal
  • NLML - Lactose-free meal
  • SFML - Sea food meal
  • VGML - Vegetarian Meal
  • VLML - Vegetarian meal with dairy
  • SPML - Meal with specific items and not covered by any of the above codes (need for plastic cutlery; allergies/life threatening; TAP medical certificate)  

TAP only confirms special meals on:

Intercontinental flights: all meals.

Domestic flights in Portugal (to / from Madeira or the Azores) and European flights (except night stop double catering flights):

  • In tap|executive: all meals.
  • In economy class: DBML, GFML, MOML, ​​VGML, KSML, CHML and SPML can be confirmed.


Note: It is not possible to confirm special meals (except KSML) in business class or economy class on night stop double catering European flights.

  • Special meal requests must be made at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure to guarantee confirmation of the special meal.
  • If the passenger suffers from severe allergies, special meal requests must be made at least 72h before the flight's departure, according to a medical statement.
  • If the passenger suffers from allergies by inhalation, special meal requests must be made at least 3 weeks before the flight's departure, according to a medical statement.
  • At some airports, the confirmation of special meals for passengers with inhalation allergies may affect the service of all other special meals on the flight, regardless of when they were requested.

In TAP economy class you will find reclinable seats, leg room and much more.

And because we know that comfort is essential on a flight, we have redesigned the interior of our A340s. You’ll find more distance between seats and seats that are more reclinable

Our seats

  Distance between seats Seat width Seat Recline Entertainment
A340 32-34” (81,3 - 86,3 cm) 17,6” (44,7 cm) 9o Individual screen
A330 33” / 32” (83,8 / 81,3 cm) 17,72” (45 cm) 9o Individual screen
A321 30” (76,2 cm) 18” (45,7 cm) 9o Ceiling mounted
A320 30” (76,2 cm) 18” (45,7 cm) 9o Ceiling mounted
A319 30” (76,2 cm) 18” (45,7 cm) 9o Ceiling mounted
F100 31” (78,7 cm) 17,15” (43,6 cm) 7o Not available
ER4 32” (81,3 cm) 17,3” (44 cm) 7o Not available 

More comfort

On long-haul flights on A340 and A330 aircraft, we also have blankets, pillows and headphones available for you. 

If you travel with tap|basic, tap|classic or tap|plus, you can also choose your seat ahead of time by contacting our Contact Centre.