Traveling from/to Brazil

Regulations for declaring possession and transport of national and foreign currency


The CENTRAL BANK OF BRAZIL (BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL) announced, in Article 9 of Law 4.595 of 31 December 1964, that the NATIONAL MONETARY COUNCIL met in a session held on 30 July 1998, and pursuant to Article 65, paragraph 2, of Law 9.069 of 30 June 1995, passed the following RESOLUTION:

Art. 1 – Under the terms of Article 65, paragraph 1, line III, of Law 9.069/95, natural persons entering or leaving the country with national or foreign currency in their possession in amounts exceeding BRL 10,000.00 (ten thousand reals) or its equivalent in other currencies, must submit a declaration to the office of the Federal Revenue Secretariat that has jurisdiction over the site of entry into Brazil or exit from Brazil reporting the amounts of cash, cheques and traveller’s cheques they are carrying, as per that established by the Minister of Finance.

Travellers leaving the country with cash, cheques and traveller’s checks in excess of the amount specified in this resolution may be asked to submit, by a date to be stipulated by the Federal Revenue Secretariat:

1. Proof of acquisition of foreign currency in an authorised bank or other institution licensed to operate as a foreign exchange bureau, in an amount equal to or greater than the amount declared; or

2. The declaration submitted to the Federal Revenue Secretariat at the time of entry into the country, in an amount equal to or greater than the amount in their possession; or

3. Adocument proving receipt of cash and/or traveller’s cheques by foreign currency purchase order, in the traveller’s name, or by use of an international credit card if the traveller is a foreigner or a Brazilian national residing abroad, when temporarily in the country.

For further information, visit the Banco Central do Brasil website.