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Belgrade, a city waiting to be discovered

Where the Danube and Sava rivers meet, in northern Serbia, lies the unusual city of Belgrade.

The current geographic configuration was established less than three years ago when Serbia and Montenegro split. It has been the scene of countless battles and this leaves a striking impression on those who visit, transforming Belgrade into a well-planned, modern, urbane, underground, courageous and innovative city.

Most of its hotels and hostels are concentrated in the city centre, and in every corner of the city you can enjoy the local cuisine or stroll through the old bohemian “Skadarlija” area in some picturesque “Opanak” shoes.

Belgrade may appear calm and pleasant during the day, but at night its true character is revealed.
It is a place that exudes a fun, party atmosphere everywhere – in pubs, bars and night clubs, on boats and even in private homes and basements.

The joy of experiencing Belgrade is sure to win the heart of any visitor.

More about this city

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