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Acra: Overview



In the Akan language, spoken by the predominant ethnic group in this West African country, Accra derives from a word that means ants, in reference to the anthills that can be found almost everywhere. And we feel just like ants in this big city, surrounded by its almost two million inhabitants, by colonial buildings, an heirloom from the time when Accra was the capital of the Gold Coast, by skyscrapers, apartment blocks and the huts that still linger.

Cosmopolitan to the taste, there are plenty of touristic attractions to choose from in Accra: there are museums for every taste, a number of cultural and artistic centres, monuments and places with many stories to tell and markets that fit every wallet, without forgetting the commercial and leisure areas. For a good meal in which you can taste what Ghanaian cuisine has to offer, don’t miss out on the restaurants on Oxford Street. And there are also the Atlantic beaches, where you can enjoy the sunny weather, like Labadi Beach or Kokrobite Beach, just 25 km west Accra.