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The city where everything is accessible just a bike ride away, it has history, nature and wisdom to offer. Museums internationally renowned, gardens with unforgettable landscapes and spring with a stunning beauty, these are some of the reasons why you should visit the capital city of Holland.

Over 3, 5 million foreigners visit this city every year. It has 165 canals, more than 1.280 bridges and 600 thousand bikes riding around the streets. Some call it the “Venice of the north”. The parks and gardens contribute to the romanticism of Amsterdam, capital of Holland (Netherlands). With over fifty museums which are worldwide famous, a port that in the 17th century became the economic center of the world. Today Amsterdam is now known as a tolerant capital, with its coffee shops and the Red Light District. With a modern architecture, it keeps close all its points of interest, such as squares, gardens and museums, all at distance of bike ride from each other. In almost every street you can rent this mean of transport, from five Euros per day. But the city is also well fit with public transports, with stops at the places that you will want to visit. June and August are the hottest months, with temperatures between 21º and 26ºC. Between October and March, the winds are strong, but the sun will still show up now and then, so, nothing better than a warm coat and a spring morning strolling the streets and canals of Amsterdam.