TAP Portugal  

Onboard Entertainment

Travelling can be an unforgettable experience of luxury and comfort.

Electronic Devices on Board (PED’s)

TAP Portugal allows the use of portable electronic devices (PED) during all flight, if set in “flight mode” or equivalent profile – Wireless and Bluetooth functions disabled.

More information here.

Entertainment Systems

There are totally interactive audio and video-on-demand systems on some Airbus A330 aircraft with:

  • A selection of over 20 films.
  • 20 hours of Portuguese, Brazilian and international TV series and documentaries.
  • Daily news from Rádio Televisão Portuguesa in Portuguese and from France 24 in English and French.
  • 10 games (some of them multiplayer, where you can play with other passengers on the same flight).
  • Information about TAP and where it flies.
  • Over 900 songs and audio books and the chance for passengers to create their own programme, choosing their favourite tracks among the 60 CDs aboard, which are changed every two months.
  • 12 Radio TAP stations.

On the other aircrafts, there are 6 new films, which always include European, Latin American or Brazilian films.

Some planes are also equipped with external cameras that show take-off, approach and landing.

The entire fleet shows animated maps that exhibit the various angles of the plane’s trajectory and give information about flight conditions, temperature and the time at the departure and arrival cities.

In addition to our award-winning in-flight magazine, UP, there is a selection of Portuguese and international newspapers and magazines available in tap|executive and other reading material in the lounges.

OnAir WiFi: Stay connected to the world while you fly

TAP is one of the first European airlines to offer in-flight connectivity services. Now you can make the most of your flight time!

Our partnership with OnAir WiFi, the leading company in supplying global in-flight connectivity services, allows passengers on our A330 (Pedro Nunes, Vasco da Gama, João XXI and João Gonçalves Zarco) fleet to enjoy the pleasure of browsing the Internet, accessing social networks, twittering and sending and receiving e-mails. 

Where can I get this service?

On routes between Europe and North and South America. 

How do I access the Internet?

Whatever you want to use the Internet for, all you need to do is turn on your equipment - iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or laptop – connect to the OnAir WiFi network, open your browser and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. 

How much does this service cost, and how do I pay for it?

Payment is made by credit card according to the following price list:

  • 4MB: 6 EUR;
  • 10MB: 12 EUR.

Where can I get more information?

Instructions for use and price plans can be found in the seat pocket or in the log-in web portal. You can also ask the flight crew if your flight offers Wi-Fi connectivity.


Movies on Board

Personal TV

Films and programmes start at the same time and are repeated throughout the journey.

AVOD - Video On Demand

The interactive touch-screen menu provides you with information about films, TV programmes and daily news.



Magic in the Moonlight

by Richard Linklater

starring Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette

duration > 165 min.

English, German and Spanish with Portuguese subtitles

“Boyhood is not just a great movie, it’s a landmark achievement in film.”
Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic
Directed by the prestigious Richard Linklater (nominated
for two Oscars for his trilogy Before Sunrise, Before Sunset,
Before Midnight) this film is all about the young Mason, between
the ages 5 and 18, with filming over 11 years. Winner of various
international awards, including three at the Berlin Festival
(one of which was a Silver Lion).



Wish I was Here

Wish I was here

by Zach Braff

starring > Zach Braff, Kate Hudson

duration > 106 min.

English with Portuguese subtitles

“[A] funny and emotionally satisfyingtale of thirtysomethings trying to cometo terms with life itself ...”
Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter

Funded by the KickStarter crowdfunding platform, Wish I was Here is the second feature by director and actor Zach Braff (from the series Scrubs), after the critical success of Garden State. The film tells of the story of Aidan Bloom, a man of 35 who finds himself lost and reassessing his life.


Other movies available:

Título / Title

De / From

Com / Starring

Duração / Duration

Resumo / Resume
The Priest’s Children Vinko Bresan Kresimir Mikic,
Marija Skaricic
93 min
Croatian comedy about a young priest who works on a small Island in the Adriatic Sea and focussing on the low birth-rate in local areas. In order to solve the problem, Don Fabijan decides to puncture condoms before they’re sold, recruiting the chemist and someone else for his pan.
The Family Stone Thomas Bezucha Diane Keaton,
Claire Danes
103 min.
A star-studded cast with Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson and Dermot Mulroney in a film about the Stone family. When Everett, the prodigal son, brings his girlfriend to meet his family during the Christmas holidays, she gets a rather frosty reception. As a result, Meredith calls in reinforcements in the guise of her sister to create a Yuletide battle.
Dolphin Tale 2 Charles Martin
Morgan Freeman,
Ashley Judd
107 min.
After the original film in 2011, we are reunited with the dolphin Winter and his young friend Sawyer, who is now older and working in the ClearWater Marine Centre. When an older dolphin dies, Winter’s behaviour becomes erratic, causing concern for the biologists and doubts about his place at the centre.
Les Vacances du Petit Ni colas Laurent Tirard Mathéo Boisselier,
Valérie Lemercier
97 min.
Second film about the adventures of little Nicolas, the character created in the 1960s by Jean-Jacques Sempé and René Goscinny (co-creator of Asterix) and which became an important figure in children’s literature in French. This time round, we find the boy at the high point of the year – the summer holidays.
The Maze Runner Wes Ball Dylan O’Brien,
Kaya Scodelario
113 min.
Based on James Dashner’s novel, this film tells the story of how teenager Thomas has to associate with other young people after his memory was erased and he wakes up in a mysterious maze. To have any chance of survival, they will have to create societies that allow them to be stronger than the sum of their parts. A surprising critical and commercial success.
Jingle All the Way Brian Levant Sinbad ,
Arnold Schwarzenegger
89 min.
Schwarzenegger is Howard Langston, a mattress salesman who disappoints his son after not showing up at his karate competition. To make it up to him, he promises to buy Jamie the mighty Turbo Man doll. Unfortunately, it is sold out everywhere in the city, forcing Howard to become a veritable superhero in order to not let his son down again.
Meu Passado me Condena Julia Resende Fábio Porchat, Mia Mello 102 min.
Fábio Porchat, one of Brazil’s most successful young comedy and one of the creators of Porta dos Fundos, heads the cast of this romantic comedy about a couple on a cruise to Europe. What should be an intimate and unforgettable trip soon becomes the opposite when they both meet exes on board. The film’s success has led to a play and television series with the same name.
The Hundred-Foot Journey Lasse Halström Om Puri,
Helen Mirren
122 min.
Swedish director Lasse Halström, seasoned in bringing histories about cultural mixes to the big screen (Chocolate, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), tells the story about how the Kadam family leaves India to open a restaurant in France, just a stone’s throw from Chef Madame Mallory’s awardwinning establishment. Healthy competition soon becomes allour- war between the restaurants and respective owners.
The Drop Michaël R
Tom Hardy,
Noomi Rapace,
James Gandolfini
100 min.
Based on a story by Dennis Lehane, whose books were the inspiration for Mystic River and Shutter Island, amongst others, The Drop boasts a strong cast (it’s one of James Gandolfini’s last films) and a promising Belgian director. The film tells the story of Bob Saginowski, who becomes involved in a robbery that goes wrong, leading to close examination of his neighbourhood, friends, family and enemies.
Preamar Patricia
Andrade, William
Leonardo Franco,
Hugo Bonemer
The series Preamar follows the story of João Ricardo Velasco, a wealthy and highly successful businessman who makes the wrong bet in the financial market and loses everything he has. In search of new ways to make money, he will discover the profitable informal market that operates on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro – all this without revealing his real situation to his family.
Game Of Thrones David Benioff,
D.B. Weiss
Peter Dinklage,
Lena Heady
Game Of Thrones is set in Westeros, a land reminiscent of Medieval Europe, full of mythical creatures and where the seasons last years or even decades. The story revolves around a battle between the Seven Kingdoms, where two dominant families struggle for control of the Iron Throne, which guarantees survival during the 40-year winter that approaches.

CDs Collection

We've selected 50 CDs - over 900 songs and pieces of music in 10 different categories - that you can hear track by track or create a play-list on your personal jukebox to make your journey even better.

Take a look at this month's highlights.


General D

Afrika Nossa
The Mozambican General D was the precursor of hip-hop in Portugal, however, he disappeared from the music scene without a trace at the end of the ‘90s. The three albums he released marked an entire generation (Kanimambo includes “Afrika Nossa”, which can be heard aboard the TAP fleet). The long-awaited return occurred in 2014 with a concert in Lisbon.




Jessie Ware 

Tough Love

The singer-songwriter Jessie Ware was born in London in 1984. She began working as a backing singer for British artist Jack Peñate and made her solo debut with the record Devotion. The follow-up, Tough Love, was released this year.




Other CDs available
Autor / Author Álbum / Album

The Legendary


Recycle Swing

 Fernando Lopes Graça
Arquivos da RDP VI

 Fernanda Takai
Na Medida do Impossível

 Aloe Blacc
Lift your Spirit

 Johnny Cash
Out Among The Stars

 Maria de Barros

 Kátia Guerreiro
Tudo ou Nada

 Lund Quartet
Lund Quartet

TAP Audio Channels

In partnership with Rádio e Televisão de Portugal and Biscoito Fino, TAP provides on board the A330 and A340 airplanes 12 audio channels, with different music styles.


Newspapers and magazines on TAP flights

Newspapers and magazines are handed out when departing from Lisbon and Porto at TAP’s Inflight Media Counter, located at Lisbon and Porto airports, upon presentation of the boarding pass.

These are also handed out aboard in business class on flights to and from Europe. In these flights’ economy class there is no distribution of newspapers and magazines.

On long-haul flights newspapers and magazines are handed out in business class on outbound and return flights. In these flights’ economy class there is distribution only for return flights.


Note: This service is only available on aircrafts operated by TAP Portugal and PGA. 

UP Magazine


UP is TAP's in-flight magazine, available on all short and long-haul flights. It is a monthly magazine that contains articles and reports of interest, and also general information about TAP services.

The quality of TAP’s in-flight magazine has been recognised in a variety of national and international media, making UP a frequently selected medium for the advertising and promotion of the image of a renewed, modernised TAP, thus further increasing its reputation and prestige.

UP can be read on board TAP aircraft and accessed online. It is also available in Apple’s iPad format.